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The Systems Design track is focused on system modeling, sizing and performance (common course with controlled system design & verification track), and robust design and uncertainty analysis including hazard analysis, FMEA, fault trees, reliability analysis, diagnostics & prognostics, and analyses to mitigate the risk of downstream design iterations due to uncertainty in requirements or system behaviors.

The Controlled Systems track builds system engineering competency related to controlled system design and verification of physical systems. The principles of model-based design and verification are emphasized. Courses are sequenced to allow students to establish a solid understanding of the pillars for requirements analysis, architecture selection, model-based development methods and tools, and design flows.

The Embedded Systems track addresses design flows as applied to embedded software intensive systems within a larger integrated system. This course trains students in the requirements analysis of an embedded system through architectural selection (hardware/software), platform-based embedded system design to finally close with verification and validation of the system skills in embedded systems modeling and analysis as well as formal methods as used in verification and validation.