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Designed for practicing engineers who want to earn a graduate certificate or master’s degree without workday interruptions. Students can earn the degree part-time or full-time using our flexible distance learning model

Motivated by the increasing complexity of advanced products and the digital revolution, we train engineers in urgently needed cyberphysical systems (CPS) disciplines that are pivotal to product innovation.

All graduate level systems engineering courses are equivalent to other UConn graduate school courses and are offered in an online-hybrid delivery mode. Courses are offered to geographically-dispersed students with a modular and flexible approach.

Our courses address key CPS workforce development needs by cutting across the areas of systems engineering, modeling, control, communications and networking.

We are full-time UConn engineering faculty members that combine teaching and research in CPS and model-based systems engineering to bring state-of-the-art concepts and methods into each classroom.

Apply to take one course, a series or courses, the graduate certificate, or the master’s degree.